Freedom Ambassador, Golden Award: Tian Jiang “Golden Shield Project”, China



Freedom Ambassador, Silver Award: Ada Trillo “La Lova – Prostitute Ciudad Juarez”, USA/Mexico



Freedom Ambassador, Bronze Award: Gosia Poraj “Courage”, United Kingdom/Poland



Special Award: Kim Gongsan “Camp 16 in North Korea”, USA/North Korea



People’s Choice Award: Farnoush Amini “Stoned” United Kingdom/Iran





Special Award in memorial of Theo van Gogh collected by Theo’s Best Friend: the Comedian Hans Teeuwen.






GOLD AWARD:  When God Sleeps (2017), director Till Schauder

For the bravery of artists standing up to oppressive hierarchies despite the mortal danger involved.

The story of an Iranian musician whose music challenges the social, political and religious system. He is willing to sacrifice everything in return for liberty.

Shahin Najafi stands up to the Ayatollah of Iran never compromising even after a fatwa is issued.


A Todo Color, director Randy Valdes
For highlighting the history of Cuban heroes, Cuban music and their struggle for freedom of expression. In honor of the Cuban musicians who fought for liberty using the power of song, telling their forbidden stories using the powerful medium of music.
The forbidden music of Cuba


BRONZE AWARD: Changing the World, One Wall at a Time ,director Maryam Ishani

For remembering those whom everyone else forgot.

This film shows how street art can be a great weapon in the fight for freedom. Graffiti transports freedom straight into the heart of communities, translating the message into the language of the streets

Changing the World, One Wall at a Time, a documentary feature film on Education Is Not A Crime  – one of the world’s largest street art and human rights campaigns, which raises awareness of educational discrimination by Iran’s government against tens of thousands of Baha’is.
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