A Todo Color (2016), director Randy Valdes, 1h 30m

A documentary about Cuban musicians that had to leave Cuba due to the devastating 90’s crisis to continue to play their music.This film shows the sad reality of the modern Cuba and the amazing power of Cuban music.



Black Code (2016), director Nicholas De Pencier, 89 m

The internet gives a lot of freedom but at the same time it can be exploited by authorities or totalitarian regimes as a means to survey society. This film reminds that with freedom comes responsibility and shows how easy it is to lose freedom without being aware of it.


Changing the World, One Wall at a Time (2017), director Maryam Ishani, 52 m

This film shows how street art can be a great weapon in the fight for freedom. Graffiti brings the topic of freedom to the streets, directly to the societies.




Jaha’s Promise (2017), director Patrick Farrelly, Kate O’Callaghan, 1h 20m

A survivor of female genital mutilation (FGM) turns her faith around and campaigns for an end of FGM in Gambia… to start with. An exceptional heroin who inspires others with her courage.



Killing Europe (2017), director Michael Hansen, 1h 12m

This film explores the effects of mass Muslim migration to Europe. It has being banned all over the world by various Governments representing different political systems, even though its only aim is to protect freedom.




Nothing is Forgiven (2017), Director Vincent Coen, Guillaume Vandenberghe, 1h 1m

The consequences of a terrorist attack stay with us forever. We should not forget the victims and we should not abandon the survivors.




Pavlensky – Man and Might (2016), Director Irene Langemann, 1h 39m

The film shows how shocking art can expose the ridiculousness of a totalitarian system. Only a courageous artist who risks their life and health can confront this authoritarian system.



TICKLING GIGANTS (2016), director Sara Taksler, 1h 51m

A sense of humour is a useful weapon against the oppression of authorities that don’t not know how to deal with it.



Unknown Artist (2018), director Fazila Amiri, 7m

For 17-year-old child bride Reema, the only reprieve from her toxic, abusive relationship is writing and singing her poetry at the only women’s radio station in the city of Jalalabad, Afghanistan.




Venezuela Undercover (2017), reporter  Eric Campbell, 27m

The film displays the depth to which Venezuela is falling apart and how everybody is aware of it but nobody dares to address it.




When God Sleeps (2017), director Till Schauder, 1h 28m

The story of the Iranian musician who challenges the Iranian social, political, and religious system with his music and risks his life in order to defend freedom of expression.



Women of Freedom (2016), director Abeer Zeibak Haddad, 1h 10m

Honor killing is a brutal topic that must be hotly debated, yet is somehow swept under the carpet in the modern world.


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