Lives and works in Belgium


An Deceuninck, born 1968 is an artist living in Knokke. She studied Art education in Bruges, followed by Monumental Art and Painting at St-Lucas, Ghent (1991) and Millinery in Roeselare. Painting was her passion, unfortunately an accident with braintrauma ended this abruptly. During a very long rehabilitation period, she worked as a milliner in a bridal shop. That urge to express herself, that passion for color, shape, texture… what happened to her, lingered on in her body and mind because physically ‘painting’ was difficult. So she discovered photography as a way to express.  Now she specializes in further manipulation of a print with paint, wax, pigment, ink. Self portraits, or portraits of people who are very dearly to her, are giving her the opportunity to translate pain, anger, frustration, but also beauty, passion, happiness and … weirdness.

Artist statement

An is a sensitive person, from her own experience she knows what it is when your freedom become controlled, limited.  It touches her intensively when she read, see, when other individuals or groups are captivated beyond there own will … SHOUT … shout to obtain free … her expression and passion for art and human, could be a turn …