Title: Atarah
Dimensions: width: 27,5cm, height: 44,5cm
Notes: Photrography, mixed media
Country: Belgiu,


An Deceuninck (°1968, Belgium) is an artist living in Knokke. She studied art education in Bruges, followed by Monumental Art and Painting at St-Lucas, Ghent (1991) and Millinery in Roeselare. Painting was her passion but unfortunately an accident which caused brain trauma ended this abruptly.During a very long rehabilitation period, she worked as a milliner in a bridal shop. That urge to express herself, that passion for colour, shape, texture, what happened to her, lingered on in her body and mind because physically painting was difficult. So, she discovered photography as a way to express it. Now she specializes in further manipulation of a print with paint, wax, pigment, ink. Self-portraits or portraits of people, who are very dear to her, are giving her the opportunity to translate pain, anger, frustration into beauty, passion and happiness.


Atarah -The person has a head wound, but the bandage (Atarah, crown) protects it, still there is some blue blood (blue, because it is a cool, calming colour but also as a down-hearted, gloomily meaning) drizzling over her back, it makes her back and hair dirty and wet. Just like there are burned stains … But she looks in a mirror (as asking for advice in a mirror is very popular in some countries – in fairy-tale land), no one knows what she sees. The little glow on her hair, the flash in the mirror, could be hope? An thinks: it is hard to fight for freedom, if there’s no hope. There will be no freedom, if there’s no hope. But then again, no hope without freedom.

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