Title: Caught up by a shining net
Dimensions: width: 120cm, height: 120cm, depth: 5cm
Notes: transparent acrylic & steel mesh net
Country: Portugal


Ana Lima-Netto was born in Lisbon in 1960. Has Portuguese and French nationality. She graduated in architecture at Lisbon’s Fine Arts School in 1985 and is dedicated exclusively to visual arts since 1994. Since then, she participated in more than fifty solo and group exhibitions, performed slightly throughout the world and is represented in numerous institutions and private collectors. In the late nineties, under the influence of Fernando Calhau – a Portuguese minimalist painter – who became her mentor, something changed and the composition turned abstract. Ana Lima-Netto presents us a unique and very inner way to address visual arts, thus creating a unique style that works as one of the most original proposals emerged, by the hand of the sixties generation, within the panorama of Portuguese art.

Experimentalist by nature, apart from developing and exploring new techniques for drawing on “Profilm” Canson, that in 2014 earned her a nomination as ambassador Canson, Ana Lima-Netto is currently exploring with common materials in unusual ways.

Exploring everyday materials in order to reprocess and recreate a new object is her goal on making people more aware of tangible things they can communicate with.


The complexity of human thought, as well as their individual and social behaviour, has constituted for Ana Lima-Netto, as an artist, a challenge of action, understanding and reflection.

Making the language purer and simpler, but also less direct, she has simplified the way to approach the subject, exploring our desires for beauty and seduction, Ana Lima-Netto works involve the spectator, inviting to an “adventure” of reflection and introspection.

Like most her works, this one embraces a critical view concerning social, cultural and political issues — products of potential subversion — inviting the viewer to move into a space of illusion and speculation.

The colour grey establishes the reality, suggests notions of aggressiveness and insecurity, and formally unifies the object, despite the glow that emanates from it and presupposes richness, power, glory and especially, happiness — attributes that collide and, thus, invite the spectator to dialog with himself.

With this work “Caught up by a shining net”, the artist proposes the viewer to reflect on what freedom is, and consider the fact not all shinning reflections weave our way into the light.

The scenic beauty of the work is purposely contradictory — the construction of a (closed) window, that although bright, reflects the need to rip and tear the nets to reach our ideals of freedom.


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