Title: Barber 2
Dimensions: width: 80cm, height: 120cm
Notes: canvas, oil
Country: United Kingdom / Russia


Anastasia Russa was born in 1980 in Moscow. In 1999 she entered the I. Repin Saint Petersburg State Academy Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Anastasia completed the Department of Monumental Painting of the V. Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute in 2005. In the same year she was given the most prestigious of the independent awards, the premium “Triumph”, founded by Boris Beresovsky in1991. This was a great honor, but the prestige of the award came to be mired in political controversy thereafter. Anastasia Russa participated in many Russian and International art exhibitions, which were held in the Central House of Artist in Moscow, White House, Museum of Borodinskay Panorama and many others. She also took part in solo and dual exhibitions in “OK Gallery” and House of Journalists in Moscow. In 2013 she enrolled in University of the Arts London, MFA in Fine Arts, Wimbledon College of Art. Since then Anastasia has taken part in competitions and group shows such as Discerning Eye, EWAAC and Passion for Freedom 2014. She has been a Member of the Artists’ Union of Russia since 2007 and of the Moscow Artists’ Union Monumental Painting Chapter since 2006.

Selected for “Discerning Eye” 2014
Finalist for the EWAAC 2014
Residency Grant at Valparaiso Foundation, Spain, October 2008

Laureate of the VI-th Victor Popkov Art Exhibition-Contest, 2008
Laureate of the XVIII-th International Art Exhibition-Contest “Gold Brush”, 2008
Laureate of the Youth Premium “TRIUMPH”, 2005


Painting is Anastasia’s strongest reaction against the impermanence of existence, the ‘colours’ of joyfulness fade fastest of all. Contrastingly, chronology grinds on grimly – as in ‘chronic,’ indicating serious illness. Yet nothing, observable, happens beyond time, it brings both an icy regularity and flashes of brilliance; thus Anastasia tries to capture the latter, however fragmentary, in all that she produces.

Anastasia strives to find a quality and texture to convey the impressive and intangible to act as an antidote to a threatening chronic-creep. So she attempts to mould pre-existent ideas and forms supplied by Christian Tradition and timeless Eastern Mythology – a map for an imaginative journey. As ideas form in her mind, she begins to search for a single line on which to hang that emerging image.

Travelling is not leisure but a melting-pot of ideas and visions. With sketch-book in readiness, intently, Anastasia interrogates the scenes surrounding her. They get drawn rapidly, freshly, whilst the emotions are raw. Mere reproduction is a lapse back towards the tedium of time, rather the captured ideas are living forces. Although Anastasia’s sketches reflect an essential order, they are destined for her interpretive touch. She re-casts the lines and forms, using her entire repertoire of techniques drawn from etching, printing and collage, to create new languages from old insights. Anastasia’s vocation is seen as taking people to new places in perception, to reveal to us all new possibilities in seeing and revealing.


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