Dimensions: width: 80cm, height: 61cm, depth: 2cm
Notes: special made rearprojection box, video
Country: Germany


Andreas Lutz, born 1981, is a German engineer. His work on alternative human machine interaction were among others exhibited at the ZKM Karlsruhe and received the Webby Awards in New York. He lives and works in Berlin.

Christoph Grünberger, born 1975, is a German illustrator and designer. He is co-author of publications “NeubauIism” (2005-2009) and “Neubau Forst” (2014). He lives and works in Munich.


In Germany a group or mass named with the plural “Wutbürger” are people who find themselves together out of disappointment about politics or perceived powerlessness on specific topics in order to publicly demonstrate their displeasure and sometimes try drastic measures to enforce. Here, the anger of the people depends solely on an outward, collectively intended target. But what about the singular “Wutbürger”? The individual anger and disappointment of an individual? The individual anger and disappointment of any of us? What if one ́s life is ruled by the feeling of frustration and powerlessness? What happens when a single man suddenly directed all this anger at himself? The video installation „Wutbürger“ by Christoph Grünberger and Andreas Lutz deals with the anger and personal individual failure of a German biography of the present. In a specially made wooden box a five-hour performance was first recorded and then exhibited in exactly this box (rearprojection) on a guerilla-tour at public spaces in Germany (Episode I: Isolation) and in Pop-Up-Galleries (Episode II: Confrontation). The viewer thereby experiences the illusion of a present play which addresses him directly for action. The protagonist Stefan W. (an “Everyman”) undergoes different stages of his life in retrospective which finally brought him to the present, irreversible situation in this prison.


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