Title: Freedom, stich by stich
Dimensions: width: 120cm, height: 170cm, depth: 21cm
Notes: performance
Country: The Netherlands


Anne Verhoijsen graduated in 2002, as a Master of Fine Arts at the Sandberg Institute in

How do people perceive themselves and others; how do they determine their place in the world? That is what Verhoijsen likes to know. In videos, performances and interactive installations – often the outcome of long-running projects – she takes the material she has collected and gives it back to the participants and the audience. The documentary ‘Visions of Paradise’ (2008-2013), shown during the Marrakech Biennale (2014), is a good example of her approach.

Whether through one minute videos from different cultures, condensed statements, book titles or interviews, Verhoijsen shows herself as master at interweaving fragmentary impressions into coherent stories, full of meaning and significance. Reconciling the personal and the general, the familiar and the unfamiliar, she doggedly pursues her questions, whether they lead her to intimate portraits and hidden places or to large themes like religion, violence and women’s emancipation. At this moment she is working on the performance – A Wave of Change – for the AFiRIperFoma Biennale in Lagos 2015


My work consists of long-running projects that are sometimes hard to label. The projects evolve from an idea, a dream, a message or a vision. They always contain an element of ‘doing good’. Art functions as a mirror to the world around us. So, with my art works I aim to encourage people to reflect on various themes. For example: the division of roles between men and women or the level of truth in survivor stories. I start by telling these stories and challenge others to tell their own stories and to pass them on. My intention is to provide the viewers and the participants in my projects with a window to other worldviews. My art projects usually involve a high level of interaction with the audience and the greatest value of these projects is what takes place inside the viewers’/participants’ minds. Both as an artist and as a person I consider myself to be a disorganiser. By placing seemingly simple things under a magnifying glass the most ordinary becomes the most precious. With this aim in mind the means I use depends on the way I envision the artwork to be. They include, amongst others, video, photography, installations, ceramics and performances.


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