Title: Breaking Free
Dimensions: width: 43cm, height: 18cm, depth: 25cm
Notes: Sculpture
Country: in hiding


An Iranian born artist, Azadeh trained as an architect and worked in environmental and urban planning. In her artistic career she has a particular interest in sculpture and related disciplines of life drawing and painting. Her main focus is on political and social art that is reflective of her principles in life and her upbringing in a human rights environment. Azadeh utilizes her ability in art to reflect her beliefs and personal experiences and to explore her feelings about social and political upheaval in the world. Often her art work makes reference to her Middle Eastern heritage, incorporating traditional colours and design into contemporary comment on human rights. In her work she assertively challenges injustice in society, expressing her hope and that of many others for a positive change.


Breaking Free represents the strength of an individuals’ will to release itself from the restrictions and constrains imposed by governments as well as by society. The sculpture symbolises this by the figure breaking itself free from a web of restrictions offering a sign of hope and aspiration for human kind to live in society free of political, cultural and religious oppression with the colours of the figure turn brighter as it reaches liberation and freedom.

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