Title: Unequal Justice
Dimensions: width: 28cm, height: 44cm
Notes: photography
Country: USA


Barbara Stubbs is a mixed media artist. She works in bronze, oil and ink, combined with found objects. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions that include the Sydney Biennale; the Empty Space at the University of Oxford; the Baker-Berry Library at Dartmouth College; the Foundations in Art Biennial in Savannah, Georgia; the Rex Nettleford Caribbean Arts Conference in Kingston, Jamaica; the Presidential Inauguration – 1,000 Artists in Washington, DC; and at the Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C. She has completed artist residencies, including Provincetown, Massachusetts and Arusha, Tanzania. Her current research is on identity in art. She holds a BFA from the University of Tampa and an MA from Dartmouth College and currently teaches in the art department at the University of Tampa.


Barbara Stubbs feels that artwork contains a confluence of influences and visually represents the heart of the issues of its time. Her work is a visual record of her experiences in post-colonial contemporary Jamaica, which is representative of societies that survived an imbalance in power and loss of basic human rights. A culture that has a passion for freedom endures.

For this work, she cast two different types of pears in bronze and placed them on an antique set of balancing scales. She applied a patina to both pears, resulting in a celadon green for the Bosc pear and a more golden brown yellow for the other pear. Though both fruits were pears, an equal balance on the scale was difficult to achieve. One pear was always higher than the other. This artwork became a symbol for unequal justice among individuals, society and government.


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