Title: Head #6
Dimensions: width: 40cm, height: 52cm, depth: 5cm
Notes: sculpture
Country: UK


Bee Flowers (MA Fine Art, Royal College of Art) is a London based artist. He grew up in Holland, except for having spent several years in Egypt. A growing sense of dislocation culminated in taking up residence in Moscow, where he remained for many years. These changes of environment made him increasingly aware of inter-cultural continuity and disjuncture, as well as the tensions between individual development and cultural conformity.


In the Flow series, Bee Flowers reflects upon the tensions between individuality and cultural conformity as well as the lingering power of ideas and belief systems. To the artist, history is a stream of fragments from which, at each moment a cultural ‘now’ is compiled. These compilations are not random however, but are bound to tenacious cultural structures which warrant a degree of continuity across time. Flowers shows human beings coming into being, emerging into the world and into a meaning-giving symbolic order.

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