Title: Hero of our town
Dimensions: width: 85cm, height: 140cm, depth: 5cm
Notes: oil technique with knife strikes on canvas
Country: Iran


Born on 18th December 1987 in Mahshahr, Iranian-Iraqis war zone, Behrad remained in these underdeveloped regions throughout his early childhood. When he was 11 his family moved back to Tehran (Iran). It was a turning point for Behrad who began to show some interest in arts. After realizing that this was the direction he wanted to take on in his life, at the age of 16 he enrolled at Art School. In 2014 Behrad graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design from Kär University in Qazvin. In the same year he decided to hold multiple solo exhibitions in Tehran and Qazvin to show his inner emotions in the form of art. He has also participated in several group exhibitions; Calligraphy, Drawing, and Painting. As self-expression is a key to all forms of art, Behrad found it to easier to express himself using his own techniques. Pursuing his passion for arts Behrad had to take on many different jobs to be able to support himself. It takes a lot of perseverance to continue one’s work in a field you like, especially in a country where not only is help rarely provided, but also limited because of ongoing ideologies. In 2012 Behrad was chosen to be a part of the Serbia’s Biennial Student Poster Exhibition. He recently has received a letter of appreciation from the Bushehr’s Artists Union for helping them to manage and organize a gallery for their exhibition.


Behrad’s work usually tends to be in black and white; he has a strong emphasis on composition and texture to convey a particular concept. As he faces different life situations and circumstances, Behrad tries to bring these events into his work by looking for the beauty in each situation. From a young age Berhard has been under influence of artists such as a famous contemporary painter and sculptor, Alberto Giacometti, and expressionist Käthe Kollwitz. Predominantly Behrad’s main theme have been people and their frustrations, tribulations, and hardships from overpowering political and religious philosophies. Some of his works can even reflect people’s lack of awareness of their situation or numbness to the forces holding them back. Behrad’s latest work “Hero of Our Town” mainly derives from his personal experiences. It is oil on canvas applied using knives and spatulas, which instil feeling he wishes to get across, and matches the emotion of the piece. The painting is in black and white which drains any sense of happiness from the piece. The main goal is to conjure any emotions within the audience. He believes that his piece can give a glimpse of darkness and sense of confinement he wishes others also to feel.

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