Dimensions: width: 26cm, height: 30.5cm
Notes: collage
Country: France


Since her adolescence, Clémence Vazard has been fascinated by paper and media that use it. From the age of 12, she has been using wallpaper, walls and doors as basis, on which she accumulated images she found in popular media such as magazines, posters, stickers, cards, etc. After graduating with a Masters’ degree in Arts and Culture Studies at the Sorbonne University/Paris in 2009, she starts working in various venues such as art galleries, concert venues, residences for artists, festivals, etc. She is currently part of the team at the Recyclerie, a restaurant, café, and urban farm organising workshops and events around the theme of recycling and sustainability in urban living. As she develops her own artistic project – the collages – she participates in various events (realisation of in situ mural collages for the event “Décalages horaires” at the International in Paris in 2011; exhibition of 15 collages at the “Summer camp” event at the International in 2013) and takes advantage of these stimulating opportunities to refine her techniques and develop her unique artistic identity. In summer 2014 she has her own exhibition at the Espace Demory in Paris, and participates as an exhibitor in the Creators’ Fair organised by the Galerie Klin d’oeil in Paris. In November/December, she will be part of a collective exhibition “Carte Blanche” at the Galerie Central Features of Albuquerque (New Mexico). One of her collages has also been selected for the Passion for Freedom London Art Festival running from 5th to 15thNovember in London.


Amongst many persisting questions that nourishes Clémence Vazard work, the most recurring and sensitive ones regard the role of the woman in contemporary society, with regard to her representation in popular media and culture. She draws her inspiration mainly from feminist artistic movements from the 1970s and 1980s, and the issues they raise. Clémence Vazard interrogates and refuses the construction of the feminine model imposed by contemporary imagery, and its consequences on everyday life. Media objectify women, and turn their bodies into a merchandise, and this visual language imposes a diktat of women bodies as objects of desire, as consumption goods. The images spread through these media are transformed to satisfy the spectator’s voyeurism, while they position women only as objects of fantasy and fetichism. Each of Clemence Vazard collages is a testimony of this created and imposed ideal, and aims at revealing its utopian nature. Beyond the troubles of shaping one’s personality without losing one’s balance, there exist an everyday struggle, the one of imposing respect over your own body and identity, to protect them from the perils inherent to their feminine condition. The physical and moral aggression that women confront everyday (at work, on the streets, within the family) is socially accepted, made commonplace, and rarely punished. Women’s complex relation to the body, exhibited, tortured and desired in this way, leads to a permanent struggle between identity and representation, between self acceptance and self denial. In her work, Clémence Vazard evokes the self-questioning, the physical and psychological confinement, the self-investigation, and the intimate experience… Social constructions that define woman’s role in society impose structures such as the definition of a couple, the predetermination of woman to motherhood, male superiority in domains such as work, family, etc.You find these intimate interrogations throughout Clémence Vazard’s work, as she constantly puts social and cultural codes into question, and tries to deconstruct them.


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