Title: Untitled 1
Dimensions: width: 20cm, height: 25cm
Notes: Watercolour on Heavy Weight Paper
Country: UK


Eleni Pavli was born in 1988 in North London. She studied Fine Art at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, Surrey in 2011. She lives and creates her work in North London. Eleni has recently group exhibited at The Brick Lane Gallery for the Art in Mind series in June 2013. She explores the language of paint through playfulness and letting the paint take direction allowing things to happen and evolve by chance. Eleni asks few questions when she paints as to allow her subconscious to arise, feeling each mark spontaneously and intuitively lead her onto the next thus creating suggestive narratives and characters.


Elenis’ work explores the mind, human consciousness and the intensity and liberation of emotions. Depicted is a woman coming into the experience of her body. Transparency and abstraction reveal a suggestive world of veins, bones, organs and the arising of bodily sensations, emotions and energies. Concealing and revealing information also creates ambiguities open to narratives where we can explore our experiences and perceptions. Within a play of space, she explores her senses, presence and stillness. She is journeying deep into herself, the mind and the emotions, reflecting upon our sense of time and presence. There is a tension of fragility within her existence. Physicality and transparency open up different dimensions of the manifested and un-manifested.

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