Title: Hey,hey!
Dimensions: width: 18cm, height: 20cm
Notes: oil on board
Country: Hungary/United Kingdom


Eszter Szicso was born in Hungary in 1977. Currently lives and works in London. She works predominantly in the medium of painting. Studied drawing under Zsofia Varga at Open Studio Art Foundation of Varosliget, Budapest. In London, she mostly works directly with private collectors who purchase or commission her work. She has also collaborated in the last few years with London galleries, among them No Naked Walls Art Gallery and the Moreton Gallery.


Eszter draws an immense source of inspiration from observing people, the way they move, how they interact with each other and how they respond to the day to day activities. In her choice of composition and its focus, she looks for high contrast and harmony. She then draws this out with a technique that is strongly governed by texture and colour building. In this particular work the combination of technical elements and the character of the sitter brought together the free spirit and expression of fleeting moments highlighting how precious those are in ever changing world.


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