Title: 19 Years of Passion for Freedom
Dimensions: width: 50cm, height: 40cm
Notes: oil on canvas
Country: United Kingdom / Italy


Giovanni (1984) graduated in Painting and Decoration at the Art School of a historical seaside town
in the South of Italy. Later, he completed a four-year apprenticeship at the studio “InChiostro Art & Design” under the Master copyist Carmen Mazzeo, who helped him develop and refine his oil painting techniques. So far he has produced a small collection of his own works and famous reproductions. Scared of the outside world enough to keep his artistic side hidden, it was only recently that Giovanni decided to devote most of his time to painting. He is currently living and working in Leeds, West Yorkshire.


Giovanni’s style shines in his love for Caravaggio’s painting technique. He is inspired by Caravaggio’s extreme alternations of light and shadow. In some of Giovanni’s works, you mightalso hear a vague echo to the surrealist paintings of Hieronymus Bosch. But, what really unites each of his paintings (and sculptures) is the deviation from the real world in favour of that of the imagination. Looking for a refuge in fairy tales since childhood, it is fantasy – now – the theme of the tip of his creations. And he does this in order to preserve art from the potentially harmful influence of the real world. For Passion for Freedom he has chosen to represent the final scene of the movie “The Shawshank Redemption” based on a novel by Stephen King. In the novel, the protagonist Andy Dufresne – wrongly convicted of murder – escapes from prison through a tunnel he had been digging over the 19 years of captivity.


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