Title: Television
Dimensions: width: 132cm, height 132cm, depth: 132 cm
Notes: aluminium, resin, wax, plastic eyes, human hair, perspex sheet, spotlight, aluminium powder,
acrylic paint
Country: United Kingdom

Harumi Foster is a London based visual artist. She has practiced Fine Arts in Japan, Italy and UK specializing in painting and sculpture. Harumi received a first class honor in art practice from Goldsmiths College. Born in one of the 7 oldest pottery centers in Japan and learned about ceramics via her everyday life from a young age, she is also a recent graduate from the Ceramics and Glass course at the Royal College of Art. She has had many exhibitions in Italy and in the UK.

Harumi Foster reflects on her thoughts and opinions of everyday experiences. Her interests lie in cultural division and inbetweeness. Harumi considers that our society creates categories of all sorts to make it easier to understand things in our lives. But this phenomenon often blinds us and causes misreading, distorting realities and facts. We are bound by the fetters of conventional ideas and rules that quash any doubts we may have. She questions it for herself and for viewers of her work. Harumi practiced art both traditionally, which required acquiring many different artistic skills and a wide range of artistic knowledge, and intellectually, which put less importance on visual aesthetics and the material quality of the piece. Therefore, she has been very interested in combining these conventional and unconventional approaches. She considers not only subject matter but also aesthetics, and quality of work at the same time in her art practice.


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