Title: Battle Paint: white vs color
Dimensions: width: 70cm, height: 122cm, depth: 4cm
Notes: Oil on Canvas
Country: Canada


Jamal de Jong is half Dutch/African American born Canadian from Edmonton, Alberta. He now lives in Montreal, Canada where he acquired a major in painting and drawing from Concordia University in 2008. Psychology is his first degree which he earned in 2002 from Saint Mary’s University in Nova Scotia. A combination of psychology and a fine arts degree gave him a fair insight of both worlds. While working with professors on the study of autism in children, as well as teaching arts to children with disabilities, he maintained consistency in exploration and creativity with a few international group shows including Miami, Australia, Los Angeles, Vancouver, as well as an upcoming show called “20 Special Invitations” by Irreversible, an International Art Project at Gallery 2014 in Hollywood, Florida. He recently won Bronze Prize for ArtAscent Magazine and in 2014 he will be featured in Manifest Gallery’s INPA 4 (International Painting Annual 4) published catalogue from Cincinnati, Ohio. With exposure, his goal is to share experiences with others in hopes of a common understanding and make awareness the importance of deafness in our daily lives.


The rights of deaf people are often overlooked due to societal prejudices and barriers that prevent them from enjoying full human rights. But that doesn’t stop Jamal from enjoying his freedom to paint. Even though his perception of sound is lacking, he is adapted to reading lips and body gestures with ease. He uses this similar task in his paintings. Like deafness, which has no sound, white has no color. Jamal considers his paintings a practical visual training tool by showing the viewers that there is more to see than just white paint, there is action created by light, shadow and form. From colors to no colors to pure action, his creativity is brought out from within. For the viewers, it is an exercise to help strengthen any conversation.

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