Title: Anthropocentrism
Dimensions: width: 35cm, height: 20cm, depth: 35cm
Notes: Crown made of cartriges, pillow, sound of mp3 inside the pillow
Country: Poland


Joanna Walas was born in 1987 in Poznan, Poland. She has recently graduated from the University of Arts in Poznan, Faculty of Art Education. Prior to that, she also completed an MA degree at Faculty of Cultural Studies in Poznan. Currently, she is studying Graphic and Visuals Communication at the University of Arts in Poznan. She has worked as a cultural manager and a coordinator of many art projects which combined various techniques of creative expression, aiming at artistic and social development. She has won a Polish nationwide competition for a publication concerning an innovative method of working with the youth in order to develop their social skills. She has presented her works in numerous solo exhibitions and has been performing as an active member of an artistic group Kolektyw 1a, taking part in international art festivals and implementing her own projects such as Diana Ronnberg’s exhibition The Fall. The group conducts social and educational activities, involving the local community.


Throughout our lives, we collect memories which can be activated by various images. The images allow us to defend ourselves from time flying away and from losing our identity. What interests me is how art can activate the images which are buried in our minds, on the verge of fiction and reality, and how art can motivate us and broaden our horizons. My artistic activity includes installations, painting and graphic design, as well as various techniques combined with each other. What I also find interesting is complementing the visual sphere with sound stimulants.

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