Title: Composition with the Bible (a peaceful Village)
Dimensions: width: 50cm, height: 70cm
Notes: installation, wall hanging
Artist’s comment: “I couldn’t have done it with Koran”
Country: The Netherlands


Johan van der Dong was born on the 27th of April 1962 in Groningen. As an artist Van der Dong is always busy in creating things you’ve never thought off. His world often touches the real one in awakening people about certain matters such as religion. His work is all about tolerance people should have about each other. He asks many questions about the way people react on rituals and symbolism they use in daily life when set in unusual customs. In his work people are challenged to reconsider their thoughts about certain matters. In 2007 he offered to wash the feet of people as he was curious of their behaviour. In 2011 he washed the feet of a Muslim member of parliament while talking about the role of religion in modern society. In 2012 he participated with his submission, ‘The P.O.Box of Allah’ in the exhibition of Passion for Freedom Festival because several European galleries feared to exhibit this work of him. Another example of one his projects is his world famous concept ‘The Hotline of God’ which got more than 350.000 calls from all over the world. Very many languages were spoken. When it comes to his works, people are looking in the mirror of their own existence, and that’s what it really is….a mirror of life.


Composition with my granddads bible (A peaceful village): The paradox of freedom is called religion; the paradox of religion is called freedom. Humans are always acting in their own way, by their own interests, using their religion as a weapon against humanity. And that why I made this work: because I am concerned about our free speech in the West, which my granddad has fought for in his own little way.


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