Title: My little wedding dress
Dimensions: width: 25cm, height: 40cm, depth: 3cm
Notes: Textile/mixed: canvas, fabric, beads
Country: UK


Katarina Uzakova was born in 1985 in Bratislava. She graduated from Die Graphische in Vienna in 2005. She moved to the UK the same year, where she has lived there ever since.


The white baby dress is a visual hyperbole for the practice of forced marriages which takes away the person’s freedom to choose one’s partner. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Forced Marriage Unit statistics for 2012 show that advice and support related to a possible forced marriage was given in 1485 cases. Cases involved 60 different countries, 82% involved female victims and nearly a half of the cases involved Pakistan. Karma Nirvana, a Derby based registered charity aims to “stop the scandal of forced marriage and honour-based violence”. It highlights that summer school holidays are the peek time for forced marriages, when girls are taken abroad under the pretence of a trip in order to be married. Some of the girls and boys are promised from birth in exchange for business or land.
Freedom Charity offers a free app that gives assistance and instruction to children (also to their friends and professionals working with vulnerable children and young adults), who are at risk of, or subject to forced marriage and dishonour based violence.

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