Title: May future be in the hands of youth whose eyes have seen the other side
Dimensions: width: 50cm, height: 50cm, depth: 20cm
Notes: photography
Country: Germany


Katrin Bertram was born in 1979 and she lives and works in Munich, Germany. She finished Academy of Fine Arts in 2008 in Munich, Germany and has a degree in International Business at a London Business School, UK.


Katrin Bertram has a conceptual approach to art using various media such as sound, installation, photography and video. Her work focuses on socio-critical topics and incorporates materials from a discomforting and achievement-oriented world into the arts by breaking down personal experiences and transforming them into a different context, a sensual experience. Next to current affairs, her art is dedicated to the modern working world and how the corporate individual is influenced by his environment.

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