Title: c
Dimensions: duration 2:16
Notes: video
Country: Brazil


Lara Jacoski, filmmaker since 2006, lived in London for the last two and a half years. She has recently attended an arts residency in Morocco, after traveling to India for 2 months, while she produced an independent documentary with her partner Patrick Belem, the co-founder of their company, Bem-te-vi Produções. Lara directs films because of concern about the social habits of human beings.
Karla Keiko, is a photographer and producer who lived in New York and has travelled to Mexico recently creating a photography exhibition. She is also the founder of “Salve LAB” movement which encourages culture in South Brazil. Karla photographs include cultural expressions and the beauty of everyday moments, fashion, dance and documentary.
The two met each other in New York and produced “Balansophy” with a new perspective on life and the intention to work.


Freedom, detachment and self-knowledge. From matted to balance, attachment to redemption, from the outside to the inside. The path of self-realization in four phases: the adoration of the egocentrism, the discovery of a path to return to the true being, the break of patterns continued by the liberation dance and finally, a new life in balance. “Balansophy” is a response of the director’s frustration with the materialistic life, an action towards self-knowledge in order to break all conditioned patterns of the mind in result to free ourselves. It is time to awake and choose a path of freedom, detachment and balance! Balance for life, the necessity to get to know yourself, not only the surface that generates dissatisfaction and frustration, but the true self, recognizing the conditioned patterns of the mind and facing the self-image in order to obtain self-knowledge, aiming to be free.

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