Title: Mr & Mr A
Dimensions: width: 150cm, height: 120cm
Notes: Oil on Canvas
Country: Poland


Maria Strzelecka has graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, department of Graphics where currently she is undertaking her postgraduate studies. She is an actress, singer in a punk band, graphic designer and a mother of two. Professionally she is illustrating, designing posters, animating and creating special visual effects. She is owner of fashion brand Luka Bandita. She was awarded with honourable mention on International Animation Festival in Cracow for animation Bajka and on exhibition during Lodz Design Festival in 2012 for the illustration to Ewa Solarz’s book Elementarz dizajnu. Oil paintings are part of private collections around the world, mostly in England and Denmark.


Partnerships have recently become hot topic in Poland, it is about a catchy media and taken as an argument in a constant battle of two contending parties. Image shows the absurd which is happening in our country unnoticed by most of people. It is a dispute between right wing with authority of the Church and the left wing and nobody seems to care for the real people anymore. Mr. & Mr. A. is a double portrait of genuine homosexual couple, two Polish citizens and their relationship omitted and invisible to the Polish civil law. Illegal, stigmatized, both culturally and legally. Dressed in classic form, recognized by conservatives it seems to be in contrast to its resisted content. It refers to the symbolic gestures Arnolfini portrait captured shortly after the sacrament of marriage by Jan Van Eyck. It shows the contrast between the feeling and institution, between rich matter and organic forms and cold wall oil painted with heraldic badge above. Artist asks the same question: what’s more important? Real man or the views of the majority, the state law or the life and freedom of choice.

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