Title: Modern British Dictionary – SHARIAH, “Modern British Dictionary – SHAHEED, “Modern British
Dictionary – TAQIYYA”
Dimensions: width: 40cm, height: 50cm
Notes: mixed media: pencil drawing on paper, inkjet on paper
Country: United Kingdom / Poland


Marika Rus is a self-taught artist. She started drawing and writing as a young girl in communist
Poland. The experiences of living under the oppressive regime deeply etched into her mind. She
claims to build her work around ever present anxiety “What if…” Currently living in London, she
collects and archives numerous articles on threats to our freedom.


“Modern British Dictionary” series explores the words that entered English recently. Each word is
linked to events and people who played the main part in these events either in Britain or abroad. The contrast between the drawings and intelligible text may confuse the viewer at the first sight. After
closer inspection they may notice words coming through the noise of information coming at them.

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