Title: Cloth Cage
Notes: oil colours on canvas
Country: Switzerland

Maryam Deyhim is an Iranian self-taught painter based in Iran. She previously studied graphic design in Gorgan, Iran. Since her first exhibition in 2012 she has shown her work in Switzerland, Dubai, London and Taiwan, and has been shortlisted for numerous awards.
Though never having had any formal training, Maryam Deyhim has painted since she was a child. Growing up she attended classes in caricature and animation before opting to pursue a career as a painter. More than just a pursuit done for the sake of happiness, painting for Deyhim is a means of accessing the world in unique way, one that is not bound to the restrictions of everyday life.
The artist’s experimentation explores modalities of pattern with a firm nod to Cubism. Bold strokes are combined with delicate patches of colour across various subjects: flora and fauna, portraits, sea-scapes and cityscapes. The artist’s works are unified through a strong geometric base demonstrated by her willingness to breakdown human forms into smaller shapes and elements. Over the past several years Deyhim’s practice has increased in depth and complexity, expanding into the realm of feminism, including commentary on women’s dress in her native Iran.

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