Title: Prophets
Dimensions: width: 45cm, height: 30cm, depth: 1,5cm
Notes: wall hanging/painting
Country: Denmark/China


Matthew E. Sun is a graphic designer born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1959. He graduated from The Danish Design School 1986 and studied at Hochschule der Künste, Berlin 1986–87. He stayed in the Middle East from 1988–92. He has worked for a period of time with graphic and industrial design at various studios in Europe, but is now working on a freelance basis. He was a columnist in several newspapers.

Artist Statement

The Art of Tolerance: In Western societies Christianity in general and Christians in particular are shown no mercy in the public debate today, but have had to raise their level of tolerance for criticism, mock, ridicule and insults. One is now longing to see certain religious groups living in the free world following this brilliant example. As British-Indian author, Salman Rushdie has concluded, freedom of expression ceases to exist without the freedom to offend.

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