Title: Plan today for tomorrow with our foresight advise
Dimensions: width: 80cm, height: 120cm, depth: 2cm
Notes: Documentary photography/ glass printing
Country: Switzerland / Georgia


Melano Sokhadze is a Georgian artist founded in Switzerland. She was born in Tbilisi on May the 1st of year 1981. She studied classical painting in Georgian state academy of arts. During her studies in art academy Melano was part of an art group Creatorea, later she became one of the founders of the group “lott” which was the most radical and forceful union of artists within the Georgian art scene in the beginning of the new century. She was creating large number of socially critical works and at the same time she was motivated to carry on with her studies and acquire education in art academy that she continues till now. Melano’s diploma “Wet Circle” was executed together with her group “lott” – this piece of hers became the most controversial artwork in Georgian art history. From 2008 she moved to continue her studies in Geneva University of art and design where she finished her master’s study in CCC department (Critical Cross Cultural Sybermadia) in 2011.


Melano Sokhadze’s primary aim in art is pretty radical – every art piece must serve as a micro revolution and must succeed to be an evidence of rupture within a social body – it must become an impetus for awakening of social confidence and responsibility inside of the entirely weakened communal consciousness of consumers.
She clearly articulates her aim and consciously uses reduced artistic means to be able via this to reach a wide range of the public – the part of society that is invisibly and fully controlled by the ideological forces of the State. Nevertheless, pursuing these noble, positive and romantic visions described above, she also clearly understands its (historically proved) utopian character, that’s why self-irony and elements of absurd are also a strong part for her artistic strategies.

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