Title: Dare
Notes: Performance, http://vimeo.com/104550904
Country: Israel



Graduate School of Visual Theater, 2013 Winner of Jerusalem mayor Excellence Award Winner for 2011. My previous works, ‘Blood Culture’ 2011, ‘Love All / Tie Zero’ 2012, ‘1000 Cigarettes’ 2013, ‘One More Living Room’ 2014, ‘you seem a bit worried’ presented in in the ‘ARTPORT Gallery’ in Tel Aviv, ‘Warehouse 2′ in Jaffa, The School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem, ‘Mahol Shalem’ dance in Jerusalem, Dolos Festival in Jaffa, ‘Taluy BaMakom’ Festival in Tel Aviv, Herzliya Museum and more.
Participate in the work ‘Emma Tzunz’ and ‘Guerillas’ by Ariel Efraim Ashbel, ‘Sentiment’ and ‘Science Of Happiness’ by Maayan Miriam Mozes, ‘Caprices’ by Ari Teperberg and ‘Separation Crumbs’ by Smadar Goshen that presented at ‘Beit Tami’ in Tel Aviv, the Khan Theater in Jerusalem, Tmuna Theater in Tel Aviv, ‘Active Gallery’ in Jaffa , Jerusalem Artists Workshops Festival, the woman festival in Holon, ‘Shades of Dance’ Festival, ‘Nisuy Kelim’ Festival and more


Graduate School of Visual Theater in 2013. Bad and a teaching certificate in arts education, at the Davud Yellin Academic College of Education, 2013. winner of the Ministry of Education Excellence, Award for the years 2009-201. Workshop facilitator on behalf of the Israeli Center for Human Dignity, Tel Aviv. My previous works, ‘saftaBYtape’ 2011, ‘ pendulum’ in 2012, ‘What’s left’ 2012, and ‘ Blister ‘ in 2013, ‘Bodyspeak’ 2014, presented in in the ‘Artport Gallery’ in Tel Aviv, ‘Warehouse 2’ in Jaffa, The School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem and more. Performer in the work ‘ human culture ‘ and ‘ draw zero matar pershitz presented ‘mahol Shalem’ Dance Festival, ‘depending on the location’ in Tel Aviv, Jaffa Dolos Festival and more.


Graduate of School of Visual Theater 2013, winner of excellence award on behalf of the Minister of
Education and Culture 2011 and excellence award on behalf of the Mayor of Jerusalem 2012.
Creator of the pieces ‘A woman in her room’ 2011, ‘One million times’ 2012 and ‘Part 2’ 2013, ‘Part 3’ 2014, that was featured in in the ‘ARTPORT Gallery’ in Tel Aviv, ‘Warehouse 2’ in Jaffa, The School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem, the ‘Hanut’ theatre in Tel Aviv, ‘Dolos’ festival in Jaffa, ‘TalinnTreff’ festival inTallinn, Estonia and more. Actress, prop designer and assistant director in Tami Leibovitch’s production ‘This is Europe’, ‘Performance Art Platform’ – a part of ‘Ensemble 209’ and fashion production of Singaporean designer ‘Ginlee’. Participated in the international puppet festival in Mistelbach ‘PUPPENTHEATERTAGE’ and ‘Speilart’ seminar in Munich, Germany.


Our collaboration was born from a combination of artistic and necessary social-cultural need. After completing our studies at the School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem, we wanted to find a new path to express ourselves, and to reach new audiences through the creation of contemporary theatre. Some of the contemporary theatre Projects in which we participated/curated and performed in the last year
took place in the ‘ARTPORT Gallery’ in Tel Aviv, ‘Warehouse 2’ in Jaffa, The School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem and more.

Description: The following actions took place in August 2014, Tel Aviv: we isolated ourselves in a
vacant apartment, creating an urban island, an empty canvas, space, and state of mind that would give us the freedom to be who we are, create what we want, and express ourselves freely. In the actions seen in the attached video, the subjects carry out repetitive actions in a shared space. In the process we discovered the subject of guilt was present in many of the images we portrayed. Individually and as a collaborative, we recognized pervasive feelings of guilt regarding the freedom and the ability to act however we want regardless the political situation in which we live in.

Documentation of the work: http://vimeo.com/104550904
Portfolio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ry5MkVJ88c
Short trailer of our joint works: http://vimeo.com/10334213

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