Title: Lilies
Dimensions: width: 120cm, height: 120cm, depth: 3.5cm
Notes: painting/mixed media
Country: Poland


Anna Maria Rusinek was born in 1977in Poland. She is the author of huge figurative paintings, not only perfect from the professional point of view, but also presenting the author’s philosophy of life, sensitivity and dilemmas resulting from her social status, gender and her artistic quest. She made her degree in painting at the Institute of Art in Krakow. She had several collective and individual exhibitions in Poland and Italy. Her works are in private collections and galleries in Poland, France, Austria, USA and Canada. She published a book of her paintings with her friend Ewa Parma’s poetry entitled “Women and Dragonflies” in 2013. She runs her private gallery and workshops for young people.

Freedom is a state of mind. It takes courage to be free. If you never dare to leave your trap and fulfill your dreams, you will die as a slave. Whether you are a woman suppressed by your partner or social rules or a man who is not allowed to show his real feelings, you must find the power and courage to overcome your limits and drop the bonds. At the same time you must be wise enough not to hurt others and not to invade their lives and rules. Freedom is passion. If you do what you love and do it honestly and sincerely, you become free. Therefore, art may be the way to freedom as it may express your true emotions and thoughts, even if you live in very strict conditions.
Freedom is an idea. It is up to you how you will use it.

More information on www.malarstworusinek.pl.

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