Title: Road to Mandalay
Dimensions: width: 20cm height: 10cm depth: 3cm
Notes: dartboard, darts, paper
Country: Greece/United Kingdom


Born in 1981, Panos is an emerging artist from Greece. Originally an engineer, his flair for art and life itself transformed him into a professional conceptual artist. Being attracted via the underground, Panos spent some time of his life studying writers like Henry Miller, Jack London, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, among others, charmed by the decadence of their writings. The latter, along with artistic and other experiences in London, Barcelona and Paris where he lived, greatly influenced his mind.

Although self-taught, Panos completed photography and painting courses at private art studios in London. He uses a number of mediums to give his concepts a satisfactory form. Oil, spray, collage, photography and installations too name a few.

Based in London, his work is exhibited at galleries in Berlin, Barcelona, London and online. Aiming to support other rising talents as well as himself, he has founded 9th Art Wave, an online gallery for new artists (www.9thartwave.com).


Opposed to any kind of stereotype and influenced by Stirner’s individualistic theory, Panos’ art mainly deals with today’s society and people, trying to move the spectator beyond conventional ways of approaching reality and its consequences. It challenges many social forms, creating either provocative or philosophically imaginative pieces. As part of his conceptual approach, each piece differs both in execution and concept. Panos considers art a means to evoke rather than portray. He believes that contemporary art should be aggressive no matter the form or subject with no limits.

‘’Creating art is a form of attacking anything that bothers us. It should be immune to any form of power.’’


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