Title: Martyr of Syria
Dimensions: width: 120cm, height: 80cm, depth: 1cm
Notes: Painting: oil on canvas
Country: Belgium / Democratic Republic of Congo


Jack Mulele is an artist, painter, sculptor, drawer and engraver. He was born in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo and graduated in painting from the Fine Art School (Saint – Luc Liege Ecole Supérieure des Art) in Liège, Belgium. He is currently living and working in Belgium.


I currently explore various aspects of working with medium of oil paint. My work is a reflection on response of my environment through portraying interrogated socio – political in different ways of style and also as a response of my emotional reaction in mixed media. I am also interested in expression of human figures seeking to convey attitudes between individuals and my work sometimes portray social interaction and look like living of evidence.

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