Title: Onus
Dimensions: width: 62cm, height: 82cm
Notes: digital manipulated photo on 5mm plexiglass
Country: The Netherlands / Mexico

Pepiro Roncha is a Creative artist and designer born and raised in Mexico City, and based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He began his professional career in international companies in the areas of Advertising, Editorial and Branding. His artist work was secondary until recent years, when the art is playing a larger role. For the past two years Pepiro has been a Free Lancer, which has allowed him to travel, investigate, and develop his artist career in places as diverse as Russia, Spain and the Netherlands. During Pepiro’s career he’s been accumulating knowledge and experience in visual arts, design and creative fields. He has been a developer, employee and employer, educator and explorer with outstanding results, described as committed, proactive, innovative, professional, attentive to detail, and very versatile, characteristics that make him a promising artist.


His long career as an advertiser and art director has led Pepiro to make people desire the undesirable, want the unwanted or need the unneeded. With one foot on the business side and the other on the visual artist side, the “Call to action” of his work is now changing to a “Call to thinking” and a “Call to observing without thinking”. As an artist, Pepiro’s work is influenced and powered by his designer career, his strong Mexican roots and his experiences accumulated when living in various parts of the world. His motivation is to apply his abilities and skills to a field run by passion, not by commercial interests. At the present time, Pepiro’s focus is on two main projects: One motivated by the desire to know and work with mind, and the second related to research on the little details that constitute the big picture.


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