Title: Series “Glory to Russia” (Slava Rosii)
Dimensions: width: 40cm, height: 60cm
Notes: photography
Country: Russia / USA


PG Group is an artistic collective started in 2000. Many artists, musicians and writers collaborated with it and were part of. Currently the collective consists of Ilya Falkovsky, Alexey Katalkin, and Boris Spiridonov. The group published a magazine with the same name, took part in many exhibitions internationally. Their artworks are included in the Tretyakov Gallery collection.


Since 2000 the group creates works, that use the technique of personification. They turn themselves into marginal characters, and use various media to construct its multilayered artistic space. Through the image of marginalized individuals the members of the group attempt to reflect the social, political and cultural state of contemporary Russia. The most common form of their works is multimedia comic story. Beside artistic work the group also organizes musical concerts and festivals and supports anti-nationalistic movements in Russia.

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