Title: The Toy
Dimensions: width: 120cm, height: 90cm, depth: 80cm
Notes: Wood, resin, horse hair
Country: UK


Sam Shendi’s background lay in Monumental and Architectural Sculpture. Sometimes we may feel the tension in even the most current sculptural pieces which despite their moderate size almost bear a “will to grow” into monuments that we could easily imagine standing in the centre of any city or landscape. Studying at Helwen University of Fine Arts in Cairo his degree focused mainly on producing large pieces of sculpture for public spaces. He graduated in 1997 with a first class BA degree with honours and opened his own Interior Design office. In 2000 he moved from Egypt to the UK. Since then, he has exhibited throughout the UK and Europe. Most recently he won the FIRST@108 Public art award at The Royal British Society of Sculptors.


Sam Shendi’s sculptures are akin to visual storytelling, fun playful pieces to attract a wide range of audiences and to reconnect with the child within us. Shendi uses this as an effective tool to give a deep message to the viewer. The use of colour in his work has become a means for expressing an emotion or a meaning and additionally to what the colour creates as a whole. Consequently, the studio is like a giant size toy box, and is in itself visually appealing. Shendi works in themes of subject, material or style. They are responses to phrases or expressions, something seen, heard, or felt, in a time when so much is happening globally. The purpose behind his sculptures is to shift art back to a response and commentary about the world around us that can be understood simply. The aim within his work is to focus on humanity beyond our differences and to show the viewer our similarities.

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