Title: Nine Dark Strokes
Dimensions: width: 30cm, height: 55cm, depth: 50cm
Notes: photography
Country: Belgium


A free artist soul. Not only he uses painting to express his feelings but also photography, sculpture, short movies in fact anything which creates an image. He is refusing the present art flow, otherwise he will be just another clown/clone. His inspirations are the daily life, human behaviour, dreams, music and frustration … he translates these thoughts, ideas, and feelings to an expressive artwork. In this way he tries to create an esthetical image which has both values good-bad, reason-unreason, reality-fiction, ying-yang, calm-wild, … Produced images are almost always very colourful it’s like his inner dark feeling can only be represented by an explosion of colours no compromise no softness no hiding .


Worldwide every minute, 27 young girls are force to marry. In Iraq there is a drive to legalize marriage of 9 year old girls!!? Each child marriage buries the youth future. What kind of men marry such young girls … a non-man !!! Only with equality of human rights we can achieve Freedom.


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