Dimensions: width: 100cm, height: 100cm
Notes: mixed media on plexiglass
Country: Italy/Belgium


Beddru is an Italian self-taught artist originally from Sicily. His formative years were spent in Agrigento, where he absorbed the influence of traditional Greek art; its mesmerizing attention to beauty and the imposing volumes of human bodies. Beddru brings all these elements to life with plexiglass-panels or canvas, through a palette of vigorous colors and rich Mediterranean textures derived from reminiscences on the former Arabic domination of his island. His approach is to awaken memories and experiences from the subconscious mind, before transferring them to reality for observers to experience.

Beddru paints not to change the world but the way we look at it. Painting becomes a medium for his visions and beliefs, and a way to present humankind in all its variety. From joy to sorrow, ugliness to beauty, every emotion appears in his work. His brushes break social conventions and clear out useless sophistication, leading our attention to the essence: humankind in its whole.

The artist represents those considered ‘outcasts’, thus rejected because of prejudice or ignorance. Homosexuals, prostitutes, dreamers, and atypical characters who populate his world scream to be heard. They exist. After having admired the works of the great masters, in the 90s the artist left Italy. It was a one-way trip. Beddru currently lives and paints in Brussels, exhibiting on a regular basis. His artworks are part of international private collections.


For Beddru the role of a contemporary artist is to witness the current zeitgeist and give a voice to those silenced by authorities due to their labeled identity, sexual orientation, origin and/or ideologies.

Art is his journey of self-discovery. Painting becomes a medium by which he reconnects dots between past and present, and reconciling his human identity with the roles of artist, man, partner, friend, and thinker he consistently plays.

The brave choice of intentionally thorny subjects such as social compromise, homosexuality and transgenderism makes clear that Beddru does not fear criticism. His work is clearly not driven by commercial purposes as he takes a strong critical view on social and cultural issues generating ‘solvable’ inequalities.

The artistic message behind his work has always been positive. Change can happen and we are responsible for it. Respect, freedom, equality, determination, joy and love are the pillars supporting his creative process of expressing himself on singular media such as thick plexiglass-panels, the material which fascinates the artist.

His palette and radiant colors instill a positive view of our future, a natural consequence of the daily collaboration between tolerant minds.


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