Title: Formidable
Dimensions: width: 60cm, height: 50cm
Notes: Photography
Country: Belgium


Steven Verstuyft (Belgium, °1968) was educated as engineer but he is also a free artist soul. He uses many art forms like painting, photography, sculpture, short movies to express his feelings. He refuses the present art flow “he otherwise will be just another clown/clone”. His inspiration is the actuality, human behavior, dreams, music and frustration and translating these thoughts, ideas, and feelings to an expressive artwork. On this way he tries to create an esthetical image which has both values good-bad, reason-unreason, reality-fiction, ying-yang, calm-wild…and if you want depth, dig a pit.


Saudi Arabia
Formidable in there non action to improve women rights
Formidable in there non policy to be peace maker
Formidable in there hypocrite justice
Formidable in there fearful homophobia behavior
A pity …. Middle-East could be so Formidable
and you Poetin … FREE PUSSY RIOT …GO GO GO


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