Title: Tama Goren – Bird
Dimensions: width: 150cm, height: 150cm
Notes: mixed media – photography and animated digital art: http://www.talgivony.com/tama-goren-giff
Country: Israel


Born in 1978, lives and creates in Tel Aviv, Israel
2010 – Gavra Studio – Tel Aviv, Israel,Technical Photography
2009 – Santa Monica College – Los Angeles, CA Photography
2007 – University of Southern California – Los Angeles, CA B.s in Business Administration
2010 – “Changes” Group exhibition – Tel Aviv, Israel
2009 – SMC’s 30th Annual Photo Exhibition, Group exhibition – Santa Monica, CA
Prizes & Scholarships:
2009 – Prize for Photographic Excellence, SMC’s 30th Annual Photo Exhibition
2011 – State of Israel scholarship for returning artists excelling in their field


Tal’s work deals with the individual and it’s right and freedom to be himself, love itself and most importantly express himself. People say that this is the era of individualism, personalization and the celebration of self. Tal argues that it is not. He argues that this is not the rise of the individual but rather the death of it (for the time being at least), that these are the times of conformity, indifference and above all, laziness of free thought. Put another way, there is a lack of courage to think freely. Individually. Combining analogue photography with digital art Tal sets forth to find those who are unique. Free thinkers who truly exercise their freedom to act and express themselves as individuals. Tal spends countless hours with each subject, putting aside any judgment, criticism and opinions that may naturally arise. “Being able to have a conversation with someone who’s opinions, beliefs and lifestyle are totally different than yours and allowing yourself the privilege to adopt their world as your own – that’s art” (Tal Givony). The result is an emotionally infused, multi-faceted portrait.

Note: This is a collaboration with graphic artist Dana Dotan.


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