Title: Dare
Dimensions: width: 80cm, height: 75cm, depth: 50cm
Notes: Wood, Fabric and Copper
Country: China


Tiago Valente creates architectural, living and wearable sculptures that capture the essence of intriguing creatures. Relevant projects include multisensory and interactive experiences, bringing art to unexpected public spaces, and contributing its accessibility to every single viewer that may choose to be part of such encounters. With a diverse background in performing arts, journalism and fashion design, this Spanish artist draws from anthropology and explores sociological issues with his work. The theatrical magic in his creative universe is unveiled through a variety of mediums including wood, textiles, paper and often, recycled materials. His work is showcased and awarded internationally in a rich contrast of cultures including China, United States, Spain, United Kingdom, India and Vanuatu. He lives and works in Shanghai, China.


My aim is to create transformative and theatrical environments ready to be integrated into any social, cultural, ethnic, emotional or physical landscape. As such, in these environments, the viewer is invited to reflection and chooses how to feel his own experience. Emotionally and physically stimulated, the public is engaged with the idea of a new space, their own space which even being shared with other viewers results into an intimate and unique experience. The different segments of a specific artwork whether in motion or not, create unique multisensory spaces, coloured and virtual rationalisations of an Utopian Society, in which each individual chooses his own way to experience it, his own space, his own time to digest it, his own way to interact within itself.
The artwork itself even eases the cross of each one of its layers, automatically removing in this way any emotional or physical border. This provides the time for reflection that walks along with the viewer during these multisensory and interactive experiences. I prefer these realities. Choice is a gift.

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