Title: Lifting
Dimensions: width: 72cm, height, 110cm
Notes: photograph in screen print
Country: China


Zhenxiang Li was born in Shenzhen, China. She studied Drawing since she was 6 years old and this led her to study a BA Degree Photography and Film in China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, China. She then came to the UK to study an MFA Degree Fine Art at UAL Wimbledon College of Art and graduated July 2014. She is interested in themes of liberty, culture, feminism and social identity. She likes to works in multi-media; print, photography, video and live performance.


Zhenxiang Li is a multimedia artist who is very interested in body art. The masters of ‘Body Art” Marina Abramovic and Pina Bausch inspire her because they use the body as the best medium to create a strong voice in society. Angela’s work is essentially about human rights and she uses her body as a voice in different cultures and places. She utilises photography and video to record her performances. She likes to experiment with different levels of nudity and body expression in different locations of the world. Her motivation stems from living in China and feeling very constrained within this society; yet realizing there are many levels of freedom and restriction in different cultures. She looks at how the self-portrait can reveal social issues about identity and the restriction of women. By using humour and reaction she seeks to connect with the audience.


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