1st Prize Freedom Ambassador 2015 – Seamus Moran/UK “Harness” medium:Cast alloy/steel/textile/wood

Seamus Moran_UK_Harness

2nd Prize Gabriela Tropia/UK – “Under the Cobblestones” video

Gabriela Tropia- Under the Cobblestones

3rd Prize Zhengzhou Li (Angela)/China – “Culture Shock” Video

Special Awards

Tal Givony & Dana Dotan/Israel “Tama Goren – Bird” animation


Benedict Romain/UK “Adam (Ground Zero)” installation Resin, rubble, shopping trolley.

Benedict Romain_UK_Adam-ground-zero1


People’s Choice Award – Izabela Maciejewska/Poland “Ghetto XXI” installation   ( 3 objects- handpainted clothes)

Izabela Maciejewska_Ghetto XXIinstallation1

Film section:

Gold Award
“Dangerous Acts Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus”
Screening – Tuesday – 11th November – 6:30pm Book Event

Silver Award

Freedom Shorts, Music and Teasers with “Ai Weiwei: The Fake Case’ bonus clips

Screening – Saturday – 15th November – 6:30pmBook Free Event

Bronze Award

“The Internet’s Own Boy: The story of Aaron Swartz”

ScreeningThursday – 13th November – 6:30pm Book Event

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