Lives and works in Italy and United Kingdom


Born 1988


2012 MA Fine Arts

Wimbledon College of art, London

2011 BA Sculpture

Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Milan

Recent exhibitions:


Wimbledon MA Show

Wimbledon School of Art, London


Nunnery Gallery, London


Una Mostra

Ex convento dei domenicani, Ruvo di Puglia

Temporaneamente Nuovi

Torano, Carrara


Galleria Monopoli, Milano

Artist statement

The fear of a judgement, the impossibility to be accepted, the shame for one’s limits and imperfections are efficient destroyers of the possibility of being oneself. It occurs as a change in the subject, or an attempt to hide something in order to appear as the others want you to be.

In these situations the freedom of the identity is lost, the constriction of appearing as the world suggests overcomes. Where the origin of the masks lay?

This happens when one’s identity is weak and not completely shaped; a lack in the self-confidence leads the subject to follow stronger identities, trends or ideas.

How is it possible to re-gain that truthfulness which is the nature of one’s personal identity?

In the installation of drawings “Freedom in shame” the artist proposes a path within a story, an illustrated reflection about a shameful situation. It starts in the attempt of sneaking out from compromising situations because of the fear of facing them, and develops in the awe recognition that the human value is not defined by one’s limits.

A deeper breath in the freedom of being oneself…