Lives and works in United Kingdom


Gary Betts was born in London’s East End. He grew up in a working class environment that was tough and as far away from art as was possible.

He turned his back on the expected path of East End working life, enrolling at art school, where his individual anatomical style was instantly recognized and encouraged by an enthusiastic tutor.

After leaving art school, he got involved in the commercial world in a creative capacity, but after 25 years decided it was time to get back to his real passion and focus his creative energies in a more personal and fulfilling way through sculpture.

For the last few years he has concentrated solely on his ceramic figures and his one man show in Cork Street earlier this year lead to gallery representation in London, Kent and Bristol.

This year has also seen an exhibit at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and the Religionis Violenta exhibition.  He has recently been made a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors and the Society of Designer Craftsmen.

Artist statement

Gary Betts’ younger brother was born with a pigeon chest.  This deformity fascinated Betts and he secretly drew his brother whenever he could.  He has been magnetized by the human form ever since.

Betts has been exploring and developing his figurative art, but he has always been interested in the idea as well as the image, searching out the subtext that lies behind the textures, patterns and shapes.  He investigates form, conveying his personal insights, giving the raw material a voice that is alive.  His work is often described as enigmatic, sometimes unsettling and yet there is a gentle sensitivity about his figures that cries out to be heard.