Lives and works in United Kingdom


Hala Georges is a Syrian artist and visual communication designer based in the UK. She has improved her visual tools to propose her own style of illustration. Her distinct approach was shown in many occasions such as Passion her recent solo exhibition in London and through her latest published book Graphical Reality: Renovating Visual Figures. In addition to participating in several collective art shows across the country, Hala showed great interest in creative writing and published Khas Jidan an Arabic poetry book in 2010. After her Master degree in Graphic Design, Hala is now proceeding her academic research via PhD program at University for the Creative Arts. Her research is interested in visualizing sound expressions and psychological perception of music through visual communication tools to be addressed to deaf community as well as to hearing community.

On the other hand, Hala is always concerned with complications of the Middle Eastern society and tries to articulate certain problems through her artwork. Calling for freedom of the Middle Eastern women is one of her major motivations.

Artist statement

Rebellion is one of Passion series to call for freedom of the Middle Eastern women. The artwork invites women in the Middle Eastern society to seek for their full rights to work, create, express their opinions, and participate in her community by all means and through all fields.