ISIS in Sylvania is now a limited edition artists baby book.

After two years, the ISIS in Sylvania images is now a limited edition art ‘baby’ book.

The best Christmas present ever!

A limited edition (2000 copies only) artwork by Mimsy, depicting the complete series of formally banned ‘ISIS in Sylvanian families’ images in a baby board book.

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A brief history

The original four artworks were shown as light boxes at the Art 15 fair in London. A special illustrated wallpaper was also created by the artist for their display, and now features on the cover of the book. Over the following months they were selected by the ‘Passion For Freedom’ team to be displayed at a show discussing artistic freedom in the west. Ironically, It was here that they were threatened with censorship by the hosting gallery and the Met police.

Claire Armistead of The Guardian wrote about the censorship of the work here, a piece that quickly went viral. From across the political spectrum, there came a broad move to criticise this state instigated censorship.

After a period of reflection away from the work, the artist went back to her studio and created more images, with the aim of creating a final printed book. In spite of the obvious legal and political backlash, the final work has been completed. The edition of 2000 has been pressed, and are available for art collectors and freedom advocates all over the world.

LEGAL NOTE: ISIS IN Sylvania is a satirical fine art work, and is not available in shops. It is not associated with the Sylvanian brand in any way, and is not attempting to either pass of as a Sylvanian product, nor tarnish the brand. The artist cites the change in British law to protect satire, parody and pastiche as grounds for making the work.




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