Lars Vilks, our Friend, great artist and art historian died in a car crash on Sunday in Sweden.
The causes of the accident are under investigation.
We will be forever thankful to him for his great sense of humour and fearlessness which exposed those who love death more than life.
Agnieszka Kolek from Passion for Freedom had an honour to share the table with Lars Vilks on 14 February 2015
at a public event called “Art, Blasphemy and Freedom of Expression” at Krudttønden cultural centre
which was attacked by an Islamic gunman.
Recently we shared special time preparing the political art show in Warsaw.
Here Lars Vilks talks about art during the exhibition’s preparations.

To honour Lars Vilks please go and see the biggest, uncensored collection of his works in the world.

Exhibition is open till 16th January 2022…/exhibitions/sztuka-polityczna