Lives and works in Netherlands


Maureen Bachaus graduated at the College of Fine Arts Maastricht, Netherlands. She also completed the Conceptual Post-graduate course ‘Hallo’, Amsterdam. Bachaus lives and works in Maastricht, Netherlands, where she works in a studio located in a former school.

She is represented in the Netherlands since 2006 by Gallery Wansink, in Switzerland since 2011 by Gallery Daniel Tanner, and in Belgium since 2012 by Gallery S&H De Buck.

Artist Statement

Maureen Bachaus’ work consists primarily of assemblages, with the basis formed by photography. These assemblies are actually portraits of people, in which their feelings and thoughts have been a focal point.

A (often enlarged) photoprint acts as a background, with assembled elements which suggest a portion of the underlying story. These elements are sometimes objects with traces of human use or lines of texts that are in fact fragments of the peoples thoughts that reveal the essence of the mind at the time that the portrait was made. A frequently used material is rope, sometimes pierced rawly through the image. This rope, sometimes in a knot, sometimes with hanging parts, symbolizes the limitation or even captivity but also the freedom experienced by certain thoughts and feelings.

Another essential aspect of Maureen Bachaus’ work is the human psyche, the freedom of expression, the human identity.

Intense conversations with people become increasingly important as an input for her work, and have led to the ‘Identification project’ on which Bachaus currently works. Core questions of the ‘Identification project’ are: who are you, and how did you become the person that you are? Is your identity your own free choice or is this determined by your genes, your country, your religion, your family, or your government?

The identification project consists of photo-assemblages and an art-video project.