Be part of the festival together with Guest Artists..
Mehdi‐Georges Lahlou and Firoozeh Bazrafkan
will celebreate Passion for Freedom 5th Anniversary this year.

Firoozeh Bazrafkan ‐ an Iranian artist noted for making provocative
statements celebrates the Islamic Revolution in Iran in her own way.
After her performance she was charged with “racism” for criticizing
Islam in Denmark! The court found her eventually not guilty. The case
however will not compel Firoozeh to keep her opinions to herself in future.

Firoozeh Bazrafkan

Mehdi‐Georges Lahlou French Moroccan artist produces performances and
installations that deal with humour both cultural identities and “gender”, to
the point of dissolving the one in the others. He is engaged in a kind of
typology of clichés associated with Arabian‐Muslim world, and attacks it with
knocks of red stiletto heels, during performances, which are all sports
achievements supposed to challenge testosterone.
Mehdi‐Georges Lahlou
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