Passion For Freedom in New York City – Book Launch Party

Passion For Freedom is pleased to invate you to Book Launch Party

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Art Festival

Saturday 27 October 2018 – (7pm-10pm)

The Untitled Space Gallery
45 Lispenard St. Unit 1W
New York City


Agata Strzalka
Fall in Spring

Dmitry IV
The Need for Freedom

Emma Elliott
The Sacred and the Profane
Great Britain

Hangama Amiri
The Raining Stones

Maja Wolna

Miriam Elia
“Piggy goes to University”
Great Britain

Roland Okon
“Hollywood Special”
“Agatha with smoking cigarrette”
“Jazz Life”

Sandra Ackermann
No man’s land
Germany / United Kingdom

Tal Givony
Tama Goren – Bird

Tam Hoi Ying
Being Disappeared 2

Tasleem Mulhall
Stoned I
Yemen/United Kingdom

Film section:

A Todo Color

Black Code

Venezuela Undercover

Jaha’s Promise

Killing Europe

When God Sleeps

Women of Freedom

Nothing is forgiven


Passion for Freedom is the groundbreaking London arts festival that celebrates freedom of expression through the arts. With the launch of this commemorative
book, Passion for Freedom is coming to the United States for the first time.

“The festival works now as an indicator for the level of freedom on a given continent, nation or even city. At our exhibition you will see what is happening in Venezuela, China, Pakistan, England or Poland and we are succeeding in removing the veil from these places. It seems anyone who limits freedom inevitably faces an artist’s brush or singers verse, tyrants and great artistic movements go hand in hand.

As Picasso said, “No painting is made to decorate apartments, it is an offensive and defensive weapon against the enemy.”
Camilla Forest, Founder of Passion for Freedom

For 10 years the festival has shown works from over 600 artists representing 55 countries. Their art book of the same name showcases works from artists featured in the festival including, Mimsy, Ai Wei Wei, Malala, Jafar Panahi, Matt Gee, and many others. This important book celebrates the artist’s voice in the enduring, worldwide struggle for freedom.

“The festival has a simple mission – which is to display the work of artists who are thinking seriously about freedom, what it means and how you preserve it. Passion for Freedom celebrates the people who not only do it, but who mean it.” Douglas Murray Journalist, broadcaster and best selling author